The Embodied Way Podcast

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The Embodied Way Podcast with Stefana Serafina


On the experience of merging body and earth and blending into the landscape as a way of giving voice to the land– excavating timeless wisdom and singing up a new human myth: We speak with Deya Dova, a groundbreaking vocalist, electronic music producer, and an international touring artist from Australia, who records her music live at Earth energy sites,  and co-producer and husband Hamilton Barnett.

“It’s an incredibly emotional thing for me to sing directly from the landscapes of Earth energy sites . As soon as I go to a  site,  I start to recall it, memories of it begin coming in, and the experience I have is of being imprinted with the landscape. All of these sites for me are relations. Each of them is a relationship and a deep love. They come up as a bunch of friends walking through the field and say “Speak about me, speak about me!” I listen without an agenda. It is an experience of symbiotic connection, when me and the earth become one; there is no separation. This ancient memory is surging up through the earth and the cosmos and it’s the same memory that is surging through my own body. It’s this DNA matching, we enter this dance and because I am a singer, it becomes expressed as sound.”

“Paramount for me is the belief and the understanding that within each and every human being we have all the colors existing within us, the black, the red, the yellow,  and the white, and the mixture of all of those- which is so many of us are now, a mixture of all the colors, the five fingers on the hand, the five brothers and sisters who live inside each of us. My journey has been so much about connecting to each of those colors. I don’t deny my black voice, I don’t deny my white voice. I acknowledge and respect my red voice, I love and  appreciate my yellow voice, and I sing them all together as my brown voice. It is in this embodiment of the colors, the memories and the nations that are all inside of us, that we can really find reunification on the planet.” ~Deya Dova

“There is a lot of hope in the indigenous voices we hear that bring people together. We notice that there are voices that persist to keep separation and there are other voices that come from leaders who look to unify the people going forward.” ~Hamilton Barnett