The latest Deya Dova album Myth Of The Cave smashes through glass ceilings of human perception. Emerging out of the cave of questioning, “what is real?” Into the memory, the knowing & the wisdom of lifetimes of learning. Myth Of The Cave is a concept album about consciousness. A collection of intimately woven stories, mythical Being statements for a new era.

DEYA DOVA takes future dreaming to the next level with the supernatural energy, frequency & vibration of her voice, splicing new myths into the space-time continuum. Earth & Sky meet in the awakening of her soaring angelic & banshee-esk vocals blending seamlessly with ancient tribal songlines. True to the DEYA DOVA signature sound, the album harmonizes the raw earthy power of the human voice with cutting edge Electronica. Intricate & layered Global Bass productions encrypted with symbology. Exotic textural landscapes featuring Egyptian Saz, Didgeridoo, Hung, Santoor, Burundi Drums, Totemic future Bass and a distinctly cinematic grandeur.

“Myths which are believed in tend to become true.” – George Orwell

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