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From A 7 Year Journey Singing & Recording Live On The Earth’s Energy Lines Across The Planet

The Legends Of Lemuria

North Pacific Ocean UVG 16 Hawai’i

Deya Dova The Legends Of Lemuria

Planetary Grid Music Collection – Album #4

THE LEGENDS OF LEMURIA was recorded live on location in the awe inspiring landscapes of the Hawaiian Islands, within the vortex area of energy line intersection UVG Grid Point 16.



These songs come from: the rim of Kilauea volcano crater Big Island; inside a bottomless wet cave on the oldest of the islands, Kauai’i; and amidst the dramatic and spectacular mountains of the Na Pali Coastline, carved 5.1 million years ago.

There are many points along the timelines we can enter when reconnecting into relationship with primordial Earth. This mesmerising mystical mini album of 5 songs, time travels the listener back through the great migrations across the Pacific Ocean, to the island of the little people, into pre-flood antediluvian memories, of a legendary lost sunken continent, remembered as Lemuria. And further still, back into the epic volcanic birthing of Earth. When sound sung all things into being.

The Planetary Grid Music Is Exclusively Released Through The Deya Dova Website.

There are no plans at this stage to release the albums to the usual digital outlets. The deeper information and inside story of these songs is shared in depth within the growing community. The reason for this is to protect and honour the energetic integrity of the music, information and experience.

Deya Dova The Legends Of Lemuria

The Legends of Lemuria
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12 Album Collection
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Includes Exclusive Videos, Photo Series & Deya’s Personal Song Notes

The 12 Album Planetary Grid Music Collection

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Deya Dova Planetary Grid Music Collection


Planetary Grid Music Collection

12 Album Collection
$108 USD
$57 USD


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Deya Dova Planetary Grid Music

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Exclusive Videos

Stunning videos accompany each album including the intimate behind the scenes videos we don’t share on social media. Directly connecting you with the experience of being at these incredible sacred places.

Bonus 2

Exclusive Photos

Each album comes with an exclusive photos series so you can connect with the deep beauty of these stunning Earth energy sites.

Bonus 3

Personal Song Transmissions

Deya’s personal notes and writing that give the energetic translation of each song and shares the inner experience of each recording.

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Bird Tribe Community Circle

Connect with a global tribe of like minds via our own private online community forum. It is more private and intimate than social media groups.

Supporting The Earth

10% of funds from this music journey
are donated to support projects protecting
our sacred Earth and Waters.

Planetary Grid Music Collection

12 Album Collection
$108 USD
$57 USD


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Deya acknowledges the traditional people of the Hawaiian Islands, the Kanaka Maoli and the Menehune. Deya pays respect to the Elders past, present and future.