So Bravely Human
Celebrating 20 Years!

The award winning Deya Dova debut album that launched a global music career that has spanned 16 albums, 3 children and 100’s of shows worldwide.

So Bravely Human is a collectors album of raw mythic guitar vocal songs and pure vocal location recordings direct from the Australian desert. It is the album that turned down a record deal from Sony France.

So Bravely Human comes with a 16 page lyric booklet containing Deya’s original artwork.  Meticulously crafted by Deya photographically scanning her extensive collection of objects, circuits, relic machinery, bones, rocks and treasures from nature’s temple. watch the video below.

20th Anniversary
Limited Edition

Includes Digital Download Album
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AUD $10 plus shipping
– personalised signed CD
– 16 page CD cover artwork and lyric booklet
– digital download album

So Bravely Human
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Deya Dova Original Artwork
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